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Remote Account Opening at Dukascopy Swiss Bank



Recommendation: DUK-8RH

Dukascopy is a physical bank in Switzerland that supports remote video account opening with complete set of domestic real address information. It has a Chinese customer service manager. Using the referral code DUK-8RH for account opening will give you 5 DUK+ virtual coins (worth 1.4 euros each). Holding 5 DUK+ coins can exempt you from account management fees.


Download the App#

Download the Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy 911 apps. The former is a mobile banking app, while the latter is for account opening and customer service inquiries.

Account Opening Process#

Open Dukascopy 911 and click on "Register". Click on "Bank" in the middle to open an account. Click on "Enter Referral Code" and input DUK-8RH to activate your account and waive the account management fee with 5 DUK+ coins. If you do not enter the referral code, you will need to deposit 25 EUR to activate your account.

Fill in the Information#

Click on "Start Filling" to open the passport scanning interface. Scanning your passport will automatically redirect you to a webpage to fill in your personal information form. After submitting the form, return to Dukascopy 911 to start the video verification process. Chinese users will be automatically assigned a Chinese customer service representative. If the Chinese customer service is busy, you will be prompted to choose English customer service.

Video Verification#

During the video verification, the customer service manager will ask for your name, date of birth, and take a photo of you and your passport. The entire process takes less than ten minutes. After completing the video verification, wait for Dukascopy 911 to notify you that the authentication process is complete and your account has been successfully opened.


  • Deposit with USDT
  • Deposit with ApplePay
  • Deposit with overseas bank cards
  • SWIFT international wire transfer
  • SEPA Euro transfer
  • Transfer between Dukascopy users


With an overseas account registered using real domestic information, you can safely save foreign currency.


  • Passport
  • Phone number


No management fees, 0.3% fee for bank card deposits, 2% fee for international wire transfers, free SEPA transfers in and out.

FeeAccountDebit Card CHF / EUR / USD
Account Opening / Card Issuance Fee015 CHF postage to China via UPS
Monthly Fee1 EUR / month
Free with 5 DUK+ coins0
Bank Transfer Deposit Fee00.75%
Bank Transfer Withdrawal Fee2.5 EUR / 2.3 CHFWithdrawals not allowed
Overseas Card Deposit Fee1.5% / EEA cards
2.5% / non-EEA cards/
ApplePay Deposit Fee2.5%/
Currency Conversion Fee0.5%0.5%
User-to-User Transfer0/
Spending/1 CHF / 1 EUR / 1 USD
ATM Withdrawal in Switzerland/5 CHF / 5 EUR / 5 USD
ATM Withdrawal outside Switzerland/7 CHF / 7 EUR / 7 USD
Refund Deposit Fee/20 CHF
Maximum Balance/10,000 CHF





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