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Free receiving and forwarding addresses in Europe


Tiptrans is a forwarding company based in Europe that provides registered users with free mainland, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Germany, and UK mailing addresses for forwarding letters and packages.

To open a Tiptrans account, click on "GET STARTED" at the top right of the official website and select the "FREE" plan. The plan includes unlimited storage, free photos, free storage for 30 days, and a $5 service fee for some address storage.


When registering with Tiptrans, make sure the information is correct as the registered email cannot be changed, and any changes to the recipient's information must be made through contacting customer service via email.

Enter your email address, password, and the recipient's actual address information. Since some registered mail service providers do not offer recipient phone number services in certain areas, it is recommended to include the recipient's phone number in the address field to ensure that the delivery courier can contact the recipient and prevent any lost items.


After receiving the package, Tiptrans will contact users via email. By logging into the Tiptrans backend, users can view photos of the envelope/package details and choose to discard or forward them. For small items being forwarded back to China, it is recommended to use registered mail for its affordability, tracking number availability, and customs clearance exemption (customs clearance information is required for packages passing through customs).

As shown, storing an address in Hong Kong incurs a $5 fee, while forwarding registered mail back to China costs $3.92.


Recharge your Tiptrans balance with a bank card or bank transfer, ensuring that the account name matches the recipient's name and the account location matches the recipient's address country. Otherwise, the recharge may not be credited. It is recommended to use cryptocurrency for recharging.

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