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Introduction to European Zen Euro Card


Zen is a licensed financial institution regulated by the Bank of Lithuania. It has offices in Lithuania, Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom. It provides 29 currency electronic wallets, personal IBANs, SEPA Euro IBANs issued by Lithuania, and SWIFT currency IBANs issued by the United Kingdom. Zen accounts registered with addresses in the United Kingdom have access to GBP accounts (Soft and Account), and GBP transfers can be processed instantly.

Zen offers physical and virtual cards issued by Lithuania. When applying for a physical card, users can provide alternative mailing addresses. Zen supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, Xiaomi Pay, Huawei Pay, Alipay, and WeChat. Zen also supports currency conversion within the platform and allows USDT deposits to be converted to Euros.

Some features may be unavailable when accessing Zen from certain regions' IP addresses. For example, access to cryptocurrency or Apple Pay may be blocked, possibly due to the user's IP address.

May 2023: Due to Zen being mentioned by a video blogger on YouTube, there was a surge in registrations from Chinese users. However, Zen no longer supports account opening for Chinese mainland passport holders.


Currently, Zen registration does not require address verification and supports real addresses in mainland China. However, if there are duplicate names, registration may be rejected. Some users have reported success by using a Chinese passport, a real address in China, and any phone number (including +86).

There is a bug in the Zen app's KYC process where passport and facial recognition may fail or display an error. If there are too many failed recognition attempts, manual KYC will be triggered, requiring manual review and approval.

If manual review is not approved, please contact customer service and declare that you are not a political figure to pass the review.


  • USDT deposit
  • Apple Pay deposit
  • Google Pay deposit
  • Overseas bank card deposit
  • SWIFT international wire transfer
  • SEPA Euro transfer
  • Zen user-to-user QR code transfer

The amount of USDT deposited must match the required amount specified by Zen, and the USDT address generated by Zen is one-time use only. The address will change with each deposit.

As shown in the image, for example, if Zen requires 16.9492 USDT for a 15 Euro deposit, transfer exactly 16.9492 USDT to the provided Zen address, and click "Complete" to finish the transaction.

For SEPA transfers to Zen's Euro account, the bank information is as follows:


Zen can be used for topping up virtual cards, activating Wise through Zen Euro SEPA transfers, using domestic cards for overseas spending, and withdrawing funds from overseas to domestic accounts.


  • Passport
  • Phone number
  • Current address


FeeFree PlanGold PlanPlatinum Plan
Monthly Fee0 EUR0.9 EUR6.9 EUR
Euro Deposit Fee0.5% / EEA cards
2.5% / non-EEA cards0.3% / EEA cards
2.5% / non-EEA cards0% / EEA cards
2.5% / non-EEA cards
GBP Withdrawal Fee0.50 EUR0.30 EURFree for the first 50 transactions, then 0.30 EUR
GBP Deposit Fee0.50 EUR0 EUR0 EUR
SEPA Transfer Fee0.1 EUR0.05 EUR0 EUR
SWIFT Wire Transfer Fee4 EUR + 0.1%3.5 EUR + 0.1%3 EUR + 0.1%
Free Card Issuance1 virtual card1 physical card, 1 virtual card2 physical cards, 3 virtual cards
ATM Withdrawal Fee1.5%Free up to 200 EUR, then 1.5%Free up to 800 EUR, then 1.5%
Cryptocurrency to Fiat Conversion Fee2%1%0.5%
Transfer to Card Fee1%1%1%



In the event of an account suspension, refunds are possible but subject to fees.

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