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The easiest way to deposit funds into an overseas account

2023/10: The Telegram wallet will verify the phone number associated with the account when accessing the P2P market. In some countries (such as the United States and China), phone numbers cannot be used for the wallet's P2P functionality.

Recently, it was discovered that the Telegram virtual currency wallet ( allows P2P transactions without real-name authentication and supports certain currencies.

Turkish Lira (TRY) transactions support electronic wallet payments such as Ozan and Oldubil. Euro (EUR) transactions support electronic wallet payments such as Zen, N26, Revolut, and Wise. This means that you can easily deposit funds into any foreign account through P2P.

First, register on the exchange to purchase USDT. Then, transfer the USDT to the TRC20 address of the Telegram wallet. Below is a test where 10 USDT in the Telegram wallet is sold for 268 Lira, and the buyer transfers the payment to the Oldubil electronic wallet.
Untitled 1

Open the Telegram wallet, click on "Sell," and select "P2P Market" to sell.
Untitled 2

In the P2P Market options at the top, choose "Oldubil" or "Ozan" as the payment method, "TRY" as the currency, and select the virtual currency held in the wallet as the cryptocurrency, usually USDT. After filtering, select one of the buyers to proceed with the transaction.
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For the first transaction, you will be prompted to add a payment method. Click on "Add" to enter the payment method interface and enter the receiving account or IBAN.

After selecting the payment method, click on "Continue" to create the order.
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Wait for the buyer to confirm the order, and then wait for the buyer to successfully transfer the confirmed account balance. After that, click on "Telegram Wallet" to confirm the payment and complete the transaction. In the test, after deducting the handling fee, the amount received was 244 Lira.
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