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Schwab Jiaxin Wealth Management account frozen, quickly transfer balance

After sharing the situation of the Jiaxin financial account being frozen, how to quickly transfer the balance in the account. The incident occurred before the New Year. Using the Jiaxin financial debit card to withdraw money from the ATM (four times five thousand) resulted in the bank card being frozen. Subsequently, after communicating with customer service over the phone, it was necessary to provide the Jiaxin account number, balance, passport number, and the name of the employer to unfreeze the account.

Because the waiting time for Jiaxin financial Chinese customer service is long, English customer service was chosen. Providing the account number, balance, and passport number to the English customer service was no problem, only the employer's name could not be matched. It is speculated that the Chinese company name or the literal translation of the name filled in when opening the account may be the reason.

Due to the incorrect employer information, the Jiaxin financial risk control system triggered an account ban (unable to log in). To lift the ban on the account, an official letter from the US Embassy containing the Jiaxin financial account number, a copy of the passport, and an explanation for lifting the ban needs to be sent by email or fax.

At this point, with no other options, it was decided to fly to Beijing after the Chinese New Year to pay for the notarization at the US Embassy. A few days later, it was remembered that when registering for an Interactive Brokers account for deposit, the Jiaxin financial account was linked. Therefore, an attempt was made to successfully transfer the balance from the Jiaxin account to Interactive Brokers through a deposit.

Click on Interactive Brokers "Transfer & Pay", select "Deposit Funds".


If the Jiaxin financial account was not linked before, select "Link Bank Account" here.


Choose "Checking Account" for the bank account type, enter the Jiaxin routing number for the routing number, and enter the personal bank account number provided by Jiaxin for the bank account number. Both of the above numbers need to be checked in the Jiaxin ACH transfer view. It is recommended to save the routing number and personal bank account number before the Jiaxin account is banned, or connect Jiaxin in advance with Interactive Brokers to prevent any issues.


At this point, click on Interactive Brokers "Transfer & Pay" again, select "Deposit Funds", and you will see the newly linked Jiaxin financial account (Schwab). Choose the Schwab deposit method, enter the amount, and you can immediately deposit funds into Interactive Brokers.

Funds newly deposited into Interactive Brokers can only be transferred back to the deposit channel (Schwab) within 60 days and cannot be transferred to other channels. After 60 days, there are no restrictions. After transferring the balance, call Jiaxin customer service the next day to request account closure. The account was successfully closed after a week, and after six months, it is possible to reopen the Jiaxin financial account.

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