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Xpet is a social blockchain game that can make money.

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Invitation code: xpet_cfe1394f

Xpet is a pet-raising game on the Arbitrum chain, similar to the QQ pet game from the past. The game has bpet game tokens and xpet governance tokens. After the user's pet reaches level 7 and is fully fed, the pet can work in the factory, fight monsters (pve), and participate in player battles (pvp) to earn bpet game coins.

The image above is an investment data table compiled by foreign players. The first column represents the pet's level, the second column represents the number of bpet required for each level, and the fourth column represents the total number of bpet spent.

Let's talk briefly about the game's earnings. Pets must reach level 7 to generate earnings. The earnings from working in the factory essentially involve staking bpet. It can be understood as depositing the bpet spent on leveling up the pet for 25 days, and during these 25 days, all bpet is continuously returned through working in the factory.

Pve monster fighting is divided into three areas: Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3. Area 1 requires a level 10 pet, Area 2 requires a level 30 pet, and Area 3 is temporarily closed. Bpet can be obtained in all areas, but when extracting bpet in Area 1 and 2, the pet's level will decrease by three, while in Area 3, bpet can be extracted without any level decrease.

Pvp player battles require at least four pets at level 7 to participate. Based on the battle rankings, the prize pool for the current season, S1, is 1 million dollars.

Currently, working in the factory is considered an investment return, while only pve and pvp are considered profitable. In the future, there may be a player-to-player pet trading system, which will become the next source of income.

Next, let's talk about the process of entering the game. The Xpet desktop version is a browser extension, and the mobile version is a web page.

After installing the plugin on the desktop or opening the web page on the mobile device, connect your X (Twitter) account and enter the invitation code (xpet_cfe1394f). Both the inviter and the invitee will receive a bonus to their factory earnings. Based on the X (Twitter) account, an Arbitrum network private key wallet will be automatically created. The characters starting with "0x" represent the Arbitrum address of the wallet, and clicking on it will copy the address.

After entering the game, choose a pet egg to receive a free pet. On the desktop version, the game's main page is located on the right side of X (Twitter), and it includes a store, backpack, pet leveling, pet feeding (automatic after reaching level 7), as well as pve and pvp options.

Completing the beginner's tasks will reward you with rations and a treasure chest containing 50 bpet (the current price of bpet is around 0.3u, and it cannot be withdrawn), which can be used to level up to level 4. After that, you will need to deposit money to purchase bpet and level up your pet. To do this, you can buy USDT from a C2C exchange, such as, and then convert USDT to ETH. Finally, withdraw ETH from the exchange by selecting the Arbitrum network and copying the wallet address starting with "0x".

To exchange the ETH in the xpet wallet for bpet, you need to install a third-party wallet, such as okx wallet. On the xpet wallet settings page, bind Google 2FA, export the wallet to obtain the private key, and import the private key into the okx wallet. In the okx wallet, click on the transaction option and select ETH to exchange for bpet.

To withdraw your earnings, simply perform the reverse operation. Please note that you should keep a small amount of ETH in your wallet, as each transaction, upgrade, and withdrawal requires ETH as a transaction fee.

I have been following the xpet project since the end of December 23. During the two months, I have witnessed the efforts of the project team in terms of optimization, promotion, and operation. As the leader in the GameFi field, I believe that this project will definitely stand out in the bull market.

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