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Experience of using ZEN Euro Card domestically

Note: ZEN no longer supports registration with mainland identity.

Due to the blogger's Schwab debit card ATM withdrawals (four times five thousand), triggering risk control and card lock, the Jiaxin Wealth Management account has been cancelled. Recently, trying to use ZEN debit card as the main card. ZEN is not easily subject to risk control, overall experience is quite good, deposit, withdrawal, and daily consumption are very smooth.

Regarding deposits: Transferred 1000 euros from IBKR to ZEN account quickly via SEPA, IBKR shows transferred out, ZEN took eight hours to credit, not sure if triggered ZEN manual review of deposits.

Regarding ATM withdrawals: Pre-opened Pricing plan, a total of four withdrawals, three times three thousand, one time one thousand totaling ten thousand, approximately deducted 1277.38 euros from ZEN account, did not trigger risk control.

Currently, ZEN card can successfully withdraw cash at ATMs of the four major banks (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank), other bank ATMs are not supported. If a certain ATM of the four major banks displays "Service cannot be completed due to reasons", then try each ATM of the four major banks one by one.

When withdrawing cash at ATMs, usually choose the checking account, among which the ATMs of Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, and China Construction Bank do not charge exchange fees, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China charges approximately 50 yuan for a one thousand withdrawal.

Daily consumption: ZEN card is bound to Alipay for transactions below 200 yuan, Alipay waives transaction fees. In the past week, buying breakfast, coffee, takeout, and booking flights on Fliggy every day did not trigger ZEN's risk control.

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